» ABAD Agri


Project Name: ABAD Agri

Project Category: Website and Android Application

Project Type: E-Commerce

The project entitled ‘ABAD Agri’ is an e-commerce website and mobile application which is made for the farmers, vendors and consumers to sell organic vegetables. The android application is only for vendors and the consumers. The users can be divided into five types namely warehouse admin, in charge, vendor, customer and Observer. The customers have only access to place order to vendors. The vendors can place order to the warehouse and also maintains his stock in it. The workshop in charge maintains his warehouse stock and supplies items to the vendors. The admin can maintains the orders from the vendors and distributes them to the warehouses. On placing an order, the warehouse with all items available is assigned. But when no warehouse has all the items in the order, the admin distributes the orders to separate warehouses. The admin can track every report of the warehouses time to time. All the primary master entries necessary such as items, packages etc. are entered by the admin. The observer has only the permission to view all kinds of reports like admin. However he doesn’t perform any action but can ask the admin when necessary.

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