» Prosam Tutorial

Prosam Tutorial

Project Name: Prosam Tutorial

Project Category: Web application

Project Type: CMS website and online examination system

The project entitled ‘Prosam Tutorial’ is a web application which as three ends, one is for the website of the business and one for the control panel of the website and one for exam portal. There are two types of users for it, one is admin and other is student. The admin manages the website contents and generates the questions for online examination. The student can attempt the exams available according to his course and can keep track of the performance. The admin can also keep track of the performance of the students. There are two kind of tests, one is mock test and other is practice test. Mock test includes all the subject questions of a course and the practice test contains only the questions of a particular subject. The mock test has two types, one is prelim and another is mains. In prelim, a student can switch the subjects at any time within the duration. In mains, the timing is set for each subjects and student cannot pass to another subject by self.

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