» Satyam


Project Name: Satyam

Project Category: Web Application and Mobile Application

Project Type: Material production, order and delivery management with salesman tracking system

The main purpose of the Application is to manage the whole company through a digital approach. Admin can monitor every happenings in the organization through the application. Following are some of the features of the application.

Admin Panel: Creation of salesman: Admin can create salesman and deploy task to them.Management of different credentials: Admin can add/manage products, orders, pricing, stocks, billing etc.Notification system: Admin or salesman will receive notification when there is any new task to perform. Salesman location tracking: Admin can monitor the location of the salesman any time.
Reports: Admin can view daily, weekly and monthly report of sales, productions, dispatch items etc.
Order approval: Admin can approve/disapprove the fulfilment of orders.

Create Distributors: Salesman can create distributor, and update their information.
Order Management: Salesman can update the details of orders he have received from the distributors.
Client visit: Salesman can update the information about his visit to the distributors.
Stock management: Salesman will review the stock, and can place requirement to admin.

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