» Speed Express

Speed Express

Project Name: Speed Express

Project Category: Mobile Application

Project Type: Consignment delivery application

The project entitled ‘Speed Express’ is a mobile application designed for the courier delivery persons. The application have mainly 2 tasks. Firstly get the consignment detail and secondly update consignment status. For getting consignment data there are two ways, either get the consignment data by date or by consignment number. There’s a unique identification number which is automatically taken from the mobile and if this doesn’t exist in the database, the app won’t function properly. The possible statuses of the consignments is also taken from the server and loaded in the local database. The application works both online or offline. However the user have to synchronize the local data to the server once he’s online. After updating, the data in the local storage will be deleted. Certain features are added in the application which are Barcode Reading, Geo location reading, Signature pad, camera application etc. to improve the quality of the delivery system and to avoid wrong information.

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