» T.K. Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd.

T.K. Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd.

Project Name: T.K. Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd.

Project Category: Web application and Mobile Application

Project Type: Inventory and Machinery maintenance and performance application

The project entitled ‘T.K. Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd.’ is a web application build for the purposes of inventory management, material supply and tracking, machinery performance, history and maintenance tracking, indent generation, purchase order generation, work order generation, etc. The system has 3 types of users namely Admin, Workshop in charge and diesel supervisor. The admin does all the master entries like sites, machines, machine parts, user etc. Only the admin can generate purchase order and work order, supply fuel or other things to the sites. Also the admin can do the tasks of the other types of users too. The diesel supervisor of a site looks after the machinery maintenance and performance of its site. The user have to entry some necessary data on daily basis and these data can be further process to create reports of selected durations. A workshop supervisor looks after the parts and other tools stock in the site. The diesel supervisor and workshop in charge have to inform any kind of needs to the admin, and the admin will process it further. In case of machinery transfer, part transfer etc. a tracking system is also there to view the current position. For almost every kind of task, there’re contain reports which can be generated as per needs. The mobile application contains only operational parts. Master entries and reports are only available in web application.

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